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Tuesday, 23 September 2008



Oh my dear, Amanda! I knew I should have written. I kept meaning to, but you know what they say about good intentions. I'm so happy to see you post again. I liked your six things- I love mayo on my tomato sandwiches and salt on my watermelon too!

YOU are a human being- not a human doing. You need no explanation or label. You may simply BE. Just as you accept everyone else in your life simply because they ARE. Here is a blog that I have been getting so much from. I think you will enjoy it too:

Sending big hugs to you across Bloglandia!


Welcome back!


Hi! Oh, i'm glad I read bettsi's comment first, because i thought you had tomatoes,mayo, salt and watermelon all at the same time... I do love tomatoes and mayo too, and a toasted tomato and mayo open-faced sandwitch. have you tried watermelon and feta? I haven't but i know that its a classic comb.My sister lived in Greece for 9 months, and she ssaid the would frequntly snack on watermelon, feta and supersalty olives.


So good to read you again! I'm interested in hearing more about item 3. And, of course, item 6. I sympathize.


hehe, i am the same way about volunteering- i just need someone to volunteer to do all the stuff i do at MY house! lol


It is so great to have you back! Hope all is well in Flag!


so great to read you again xxx

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