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Wednesday, 11 June 2008



i seriously love your hats girl. well done.


blow up a balloon and paper mache it with a wide tube at the bottom (duct tape roll)? couln't be that hard, right, wait, you've already done that for the little purses ( Sounds like a fun backyard project...if it ever warms up here maybe I'll try. I love the hat, that wool is beautiful.


I love those hats (I still think of them as birdie-monkey hats, although wood sprite is a great name for them, too). That red tweedy yarn is just perfect.

Go Gertie! For some reasons the Gertie message dated June 8 just showed up in my bloglines along with this one (and this one just showed up today, June 17). Crazy Typepad. Glad she's doing better--she's lucky to have such a caring owner.

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