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Monday, 23 June 2008



parker is in that same place. good lord, the truth when it suits them.


Eek, the mercury. I remember playing with mercury when I was little--I think it was part of a chemistry set at one point, or an uncle's childhood collection of several broken thermometers' worth. Scary. Sounds like you handled everything--the mercury and the truthtelling--just right. Sleep well on clean sheets!


Oh my gosh. Glad to hear everyone is okay. Our boy is going through a similar "truthiness" phase right now.


You do know also that the new "energy saving" flourescent light bulbs expose you to mercury if they are broken? I have heard similar horror stories about those. I'm glad everything is okay! But what a pain!


it's true, the "environmentally friendly" light bulb is a big fat lie! they are full of mercury - in gas form, so you just breathe it right in. no powdered sulfur to clean up that mess. you're supposed to call a haz-mat team (read the label)... okay, off my box --- sorry
the 'truth' is in the eye of the beholder, i've learned (sadly, not only with children *this light bulb being the perfect example)
this too, shall pass. one of mine wasn't always exactly truthful all the time when he was 5 - now, at 7, he's honest to a fault!


tag - you are it- you need to post a new post!

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