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Thursday, 22 May 2008



I've not done much of it, but I've usually seen it done with wool roving, not machine-felted felt, that is one would hand-felt a piece (background, ball, etc) then add another hand-felted shape or (plain roving for a softer look), and needle felt the two together. Holes don't show as much because the felt is so much looser. The said, I realy like what you did here, I love the crisp lines, but i don't know how to get rid of the stipples.


HI there,
I am new to felting. I have just the one needle felter and I have a felting machine. No matter what I use there are always holes. We have made balls and little animals and purses and there are always holes. I also have used raw wool like the rolled up kind and it still left holes. I thought it was just me:) Good luck with it I hope you figure it out. The book pages are adorable


I don't know too much but the class I took at FELT CLUB a while back, talked about putting a little hot soapy water on it to felt it up some--that was for the fuzzies you can get--but maybe it would take away holes too. Wow; I can't believe Max did those.
Bravo Max!
How do you like the surface you're using to felt on? We got these sorta styrafoam pillow insert blocks to use and the wool really sticks to them making them xtra fuzzy.
By the way, HELLO!


Hi Amanda! I don't know felting, but I want to send well-wishes for sweet Gertie. I hope everything goes well with home care. Give her an extra kiss from California.


Hi! I think you could try rubbing with a tiny bit of soapy, warm water. It might cover over the holes. This happens to me too!


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