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Tuesday, 20 May 2008



What a spectacular place to visit! Your friend's camera looks like the old kind, is that just the type of camera it is?


Oh my. That is spectacular. Leo is studying the Pueblo now; he (we!) would LOVE to see these canyons (maybe next spring?). I definitely agree about the smaller stuff, too. Here in DC we like Mount Vernon in the off-season, and the US Botanic Garden downtown. And Wolf Trap for concerts.

Do we get to see the family photo??

Papa Sydney/Grandma Judy

Beautiful scenery! We like those places too. Family photo---which was the ostensible reason to go? And all the rest of the photos?


i wanna see the family pic tooooooo! the first photo is breathtaking.


I sure hope you share the picture! What a gorgeous setting!

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