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Monday, 19 May 2008



Congratulations to all of you (and especially you)! Love the cicada "shell" -- the 17-year cicadas in Brood X emerged the year Milly was born; I'll never forget that noisy spring. They'll be back in time for her junior prom.

Papa Sydney/Grandma Judy

Congrats to the winning team!! Keep up the good riding---for exercise and fun!



I've taken a little internet break and have missed wishing you a happy birthday and encouraging you on you bike to work week! I ran track and played basketball in high school, and I remember all too well the excruciating all over body pain of the first week of the season. gah! I don't think I could handle that now! I admire your determination!

I used to collect cicada shells when I was in kindergarten, but they kind of freak me out now.


Congratulations, Friend! Sorry to have been so long out of touch- now you're getting an avalanche of comments from me!

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