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Wednesday, 05 March 2008


natasha s

oh what a cute hat,I want one!How i wish that i had the patience to knit!


That is such a sweet hat - and a great photo as well. I like all of the white in the picture and then your dark hair!


I like the hat too. My first thought though was "wow, what a head of hair"!


You have such beautiful hair! Mine is still in the oh, sucks growing out a pixie cut, haha. Thank you for the pattern, I have some yarn that would work really well with it.


Again with the beautiful knitting! And the beautiful hair. I love seeing the way the hat knits up differently in different yarns, too. Is I-cord hard to make (for a non-knitter, that is)?


Oh, my!
Amanda, you got such gorgeous hair!!!
So beautiful!!!!
And of course, your new hat is terrific!


Love your hat. Saw it on Ravelry and followed the link back. Looks great.Thanks for sharing.


this hat is brilliant.... im right on to it! xx

My head is 22 inches exact. Should I cast on extra stitches?


Hi ladylynx! Usually you want your finished hat to be a bit smaller than your head size, to allow it to stretch a bit and hug your head. This isn't always the case--right now my favorite hat is loose and about an inch bigger than my head. So it's really a personal preference. If you use the same yarn and get the same gauge, you might decide to cast on fewer stitches to make the hat a bit more snug on your head, or you might decide to use just the 76 st, or maybe add a few to make it looser. It all depends on how you like your hats to sit!

Hey. Thanks for getting back to me. I was knitting this with Lion Brand Suede but I realized I wouldn't get the stretch I need. But I just so happened to have just bought some Patons Shetland Chunky in Canyon Variated. I'm in love with Patons now. LOL. Anyway, I used size 8 needles for the brim and size 10 needles for the rest. Casted on 84 stitches. It's still stretching on my big head. I also had to add more rows. I'm sure it'll stretch out more. Thank you for this. I needed something new for this semester. :D

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