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Friday, 15 February 2008



dear Amanda, I'm sorry to hear that it's a difficult time for you. I agree with you 100% about craft as therapy; also about the crafting community being a good source of support (I hope!). All best wishes.


Yes, crafting is such great therapy! It always helps me. Hope everything gets better soon!

PS. That's so great that Max made the heart yoyos. I bought one in Japan last year but have yet to try it.


Yes, crafting is wonderful therapy isn't it. It always helps me. Hope everything is getting better.


I hope your stressful dealings are getting easier--I'm glad the secret craft project is helping you feel better.


I do hope you're feeling better, I totally agree with the craft therapy, use it for myself now and again. Usually in great big spurts...I love the little kimono and am impressed your little guy made the felt cute.


when i don't craft my view of the world is very very different. sewing gives me center. creativity gives me peace. what a gift it is huh? hope all is well there. keep your head up babe.

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