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Saturday, 26 January 2008



now that's my kind of kindergarten!


I love the bird, and the photo, too!


nice stitching-cute bird!


So exciting to see that he is doing so well as a kindergardener! Gives me renewed hope to try again with mine... And even better that you are training them to delight in giving handmade and thoughtful gifts. What a treat for the birthday person!


great job Max! and what a great Kindergarten class... I only just recently learned how to do blanket stiches!


Oh, that is quite wonderful! Hurray for Max! And a note to Mommy: Seriously, continue to suggest that he take some responsibility for gifts for his friends and family. I am sadder and wiser these days than I used to be when I would take care of all of my children's gift-giving needs for them.

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