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Sunday, 27 January 2008



I knew where this was going as soon as I saw you (is that you?) swinging away at the gutter. We had ice dam problems in Michigan once, and resorted to pouring boiling water on them (I'm sure that wasn't recommended either). Thanks for the memories! and watch out for those ice axes.


is this what they mean when they talk about the joys of home ownership?


oh yes, snow rakes!!
where I live, we average 180 to 200 inches of snow per year.
un-raked roofs have been known to collapse!


Oh ugh, hope everything is okay now. I showed this to my husband and he said "yeah, that's something that could happen since we heat the attic" His office is on the third floor, there's a small furnace up there to heat it (we live in an old Victorian with steam heat in the rest of the house). Unfortunately he didn't seem too terribly concerned. I guess it's a good thing we extended our homeowners warranty...

Papa Sydney

Oh yes, we know from roof rakes and ice dams. If your roof lets any heat escape (and just about allof them do) and there is snow on the roof, then snow will melt and run off until it reaches the unheated eaves - where, if it's cold enough it will freeze and eventually build an ice dam. Then the melted snow will back up under theroof shingles and find its way into your house. The only economical way to stop this is to buy an extendable roof rake and rake the snow off of the roof after each storm. You don't have to do the whole roof, just a good swath above the eaves.


Roof rakes - yes! We got ours last year when the Denver area had unusually massive amounts of snow.

Now, to keep this from happening in the first place, let me suggest looking into heat tape for roofs. We used to have some on the north side of our home but took it down when we were getting a new roof. This year we got a bunch and put it up there. It zigzags along the roof near the gutters. Not the prettiest but it sure works to keep ice dams from forming. Hubby put it up on the roof and then dropped it down the downspout. When it snows we plug it into an outdoor outlet on the side of the house. We'll remove it in the Spring.

Good luck!


ugh, we used to have this same problem. everytime it snowed a fair amount and then it would heat up from the heat coming thru the roof, would start to melt. Into our bay window. which usually happened at nite, so the hubby usually didnt like to go climb up there at nite. so he would have to get up extra early to shovel the roof!
thankfully we no longer live there!!!!

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