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Friday, 08 June 2007



that is really cool! Thanks for demonstrating the technique, as well as the link to the magazine. I'm pretty sure I've seen that at bookstores around here, I will have to pick up a copy.


Thanks, Amanda--looks like a cool project to try with Leo and Milly this summer! I like to have a couple of those in my back pocket. Wondertime is the only parenting magazine we get; I really like it (and wish I had been filling in those scrapbook pages all along...I guess it's not too late to start). Must check out Brain, Child!


that is SOOOO COOL! Than you for sharing this!


Oh, what a great summer project. My kids will love this craft.


wow! so neat - i love it!


This is cool. Thanks. It reminds me of the crayon and embroidery thing that I've only read about, but want to try.


What a brilliant idea! Thanks for sharing!


Wooowie! That is so cool! Thanks so much for sharing! I will definitely try this.


what a fabulous project I am going to do this with my girls today!!!

Persephone Snyder

That is beautiful! And psychedelic, too... Groovy, baby!

Julie K in Taiwan

Great tutorial! And thanks for sharing that site.


thanks for the tutorial! i'm going to have to try that! so cool! and i totally like the embroidered touches!

Evelyn Lum

That is really wonderful ... I can't wait to try it out myself. Imagine how lovely my plain tote bag would look. Thanks for sharing. Love to you and yours.


this is a fantastic project amanda, thanks so much for sharing! Love the way yours turned out.


Oh my gosh, this is so neat!!! I am definitely going to have to give it a try. :)

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