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Friday, 01 June 2007



i love the pajama it too small for a pillow or cushion? i like the texture on the wing - is that embroidery stitching?


Could it be an overnight bag? Would a change of clothes fit in along with the pajamas?


i need to join the special olympics for knitting, that is so cute and i am so jealous. i just don't think god gave me that gift. sewing...check. painting...check. knitting...nope. keep it up for those of us who are knitting challenged!


I love it for a pj bag! The overnighter idea is great too. Is this a Lucinda Guy pattern?


not only is it adorable, but I have been convinced of the need for a PJ bag! What a great idea!

Evelyn Lum

That is adorable! I like it as a PJ bag but if you must make it into something else, you could turn it into a snuggly pillow.


That is so sweet! I'm not sure I'd actually use a pajama bag, but I like the idea.


I had a pajama bag as a kid that I was required to use! every day.
I was also required to actually MAKE MY BED. every day.

and I wore gloves to church on Sunday.
and I had a muff (really) which I thought was very cool.

but not as COOL as this great pajama-bag/shoulder-bag/pillow, etc.
whatever use you decide for it, it's really great.

(I can not knit, and I am turning green!)


Oh my gosh, how did I miss the final reveal?! I loooove it! So much fun! Really great Amanda!

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