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Wednesday, 20 June 2007



love the book bag. i do those for bdays quite frequently. so fun!


you're right, a bookbag is always a welcome. i know how work can get in the way of crafting - but lucky you and your orders for the pen holders! my unfinished sashiko project from my classes last month is still unfinished too....i'm back into blogging a little more consistenly....


What a great idea, to take the stress out of shopping for all those birthday gifts and to give a gift that's handmade and can be "personalized" with pocket fabric choices, etc.

AND I'm so excited for you re: Quilt Camp with Weeks and Ringle. Please be sure to post about it for those of us who can't be there with you but would love to go!


That gift is great! And I totally know what you mean about birthday season. I'm in the midst of it now.
Quilt camp sounds like a trip too. Have fun!


Quilt Camp = fun!
as for work (ack) I grumble when I have a lot and grumble when I don't.

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