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Sunday, 22 April 2007



the tiny hope doll is so cute - you did such a nice job, such a sweet face too....


By the time I got to the second sentence, and without even knowing exactly the history, I was already imagining the recipients, so they are getting some extra lovin' prayers from Vancouver. It is beautiful and I'm sure it will be cherished. Wouldn't it be interesting to know its story in 10 years from now?


What a cute idea!


i got in on that about an hour too late! she already had it cut off! darn! i'm sure the kids will love their new babies and feel the love from so far away!


Oh, these are lovely! They are like tiny root children (those darling waldorf inspired bean filled dolls). Would love the link to your source for them. I've got scraps, and these would make great road trip crafting... and I'll add my prayers to those above for their recipients!


Yes, that's so true! Every stitch of a handcrafted gift is filled with good wishes. That's why I always feel bad when I give people store bought gifts. Lovely little doll, Amanda.


Holy cow. How could they not totally love these? How am I not going to steal one? Okay. I promise I won't. I am so impressed!! And thankful. :)

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