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Wednesday, 04 April 2007



The coasters are lovely! I love little handsewing projects. (The amish puzzle ball is good that way too. I'm doing one in felt right now.)

So glad you were able to fix the camera. I'm very old school about stuff. If I can keep it working, I do. Enough consumerism already!


Hi! I laughed when I read about your success with the camera. This morning I did the same thing with our espresso machine. Took out 10 screws, put them back, et voila! no more leaks!!

Lovely coasters, the rick-rack looks fab :-)


love the coasters - my favorite are the patch of sky! i finally got a new camera-one i've been looking at for a long time and it finally went on close-out; it's a 6 mp canon like my older 2 mp one-same style, so similar to use....


Love the coasters--and their names! Look at all the patchwork on the blue ones, too. I've never done much handsewing, but I imagine it will be nice to have a project on hand as the kids get older, and I have to wait for them at lessons or practices. Your work is lovely!


Linen AND rick rack! I love it! :D I haven't gotten around to making coasters yet but I'll have to give it a whirl one of these days. Nice work, as usual!


i LOVE both of those designs! especially the colorful ones with the ric rac! you gotta go with what works when it comes to your camera. like a trusted friend.

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