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Wednesday, 11 April 2007



I'm so glad you posted this. It is great to see how an idea evolved in fabric.


I'm completely in love with abandoned bunny!!! So forlorn. Yet Jazzy :-)


it's neat seeing how your idea evolved to what you felt was what you wanted to create-not just a softie, but a functional puppet....i want to see it's face....


i love seeing the evolution! i also love not being the only one with a learning curve on these things!


Thanks for showing the process - I think many of us mere mortal crafters imagine that you all just pop out the perfect creations without mishap - but seeing it progress gives me hope for me! I love the bottom one (and I think the middle one could be a hot pad!). Cheers!


That's neat to see the progression. That's always how it goes for me. Try #1 is mediocre. Try #2 is just plain bad. Then try #3 starts looking almost like what I had in mind. The softie is adorable and the puppet will look great once he can see and smell. :o)


that last one is awesome. but i think the next-to-last would also make a really cute oven mitt. and the first one is a lovely doll!

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