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Tuesday, 20 February 2007



The piecing looks lovely, Amanda--everything looks like it's lying flat, the way it should be. I like the fabric combination. And congratulations to you for trying paper piecing, too.

I'm very curious about what the finished object will be! Have you thought about using natural linen as a background fabric? I used a lot of it in my sewing, and it does seem to tone things down a bit (not that this needs toning down).

Sometimes I spend so much time thinking and planning that I never get around to the doing--the project feels old before it's even been born, so to speak. Lately I'm most inspired when I can move quickly from idea to execution. Bonus points for an actual finished project!


Well, I LOVE those prints and I think they look so sophisticated together. I really like Anamaria's idea for using natural linen and judging by the coasters, it seems to be a great look. Have you ever tried freezer paper for pattern piecing? It's supposed to be wonderful, although I haven't tried it. I work in paper towels, myself! LOL! But it really works for me. I even piece my object together with the paper towel pattern pieces and masking tape. If it goes together well, I then add a seam allowance. I really hope you get this project done because I want to see it!

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