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Friday, 23 February 2007



So glad to see Gert is back home! She certainly looks content.

I wonder if she smells different from her stay at the vet, and that could be what's bother Zhinka. I remember when I took one of my cats in to be spayed, she was only gone over night, but when I brought her home the other cat hissed at her and didn't want to be near her for a few days.


YEAH!!! i know you were counting the days till your loved one came home! can you imagine how bad it will be to send Max to kindergarten adn god forbid college?! let me tell you...its bad news babe! i was a basket case with our first animal and worse with the kids!


Oh, now that is a happy kitty if I have ever seen one. Gotta love that sunshine in the bleak winter.


Oh, now that is a happy kitty if I have ever seen one. Gotta love that sunshine in the bleak winter.


Hi Amanda,

The same thing happened to us a few months ago, my little kitten, Sookie, was spayed in august, and when she got home, a few hours later, my older cat, Mousse, hissed at her and wouldn't let her come close to him. I also have a dog, Fax, and the smell didn't seem to bother him at all!

When I read your story about the vet, I'm grateful our's is a friend of the family, she's very caring and loving and even though Sookie is a real pest when comes the time for vaccines and stuff, she doesn't mind at all; in fact all the good vets I have gone to with my "little ones", have been really good with the biting issues... They thought that dealing with an agressive animal (and I've had some furies in the cat department) was their job, and wouldn't let me get hurt instead of them. Then, maybe your vet doesn't really like animals (there a quite a bunch of those too)...

I hope you find a good vet with a lot of patience and love for the animals.


Welcome home Gertie!!

So glad your wait is over - and the picture says it all! :)

Rachael Ramos

Oh, welcome home, kitty. I miss cats - my husband is allergic. I love seeing them on folks' blogs, curled up or stretched out, warm and lazy, sweet and nuzzley. I remember how soft they are, and they way they smell, kind of warm and dusty. (Ode to the kitties, lol!)


I've been out of the loop for a bit and just read through your posts to get myself caught up. I'm so happy for you that your Gertie baby is home! How awful that she even had to be away but she does look pretty blissful in this photo. :)

Your heart garlands were so cute and I love, love, love the dirt heart that you happened upon. One year, on Valentine's Day, a friend of mine was making her morning tea and when she was ready to take the tea bag out of her mug she realized that the tea bag had formed a perfect heart. The air that was trapped in the bag caused it to sit at the top of the water and formed kind of a tea bag bubble that was heart shaped. hehe I thought it was so neat!

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