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Tuesday, 13 February 2007



How sad, I hope the days go by quickly for you and Gertie. Take care...PS. Thanks so much for the great postcard!! Very nice pictures and professional!!


Oh I feel for you - 10 days is a very long time to be missing her! I get worried when my cat doesn't come inside before it gets dark. She is wise to the sound of shaking cat biscuit box but will come home quick smart to the sound of an opening can. We often have a few open tins of cat food lined up in the fridge, plus canned tomatoes and corn! I hope the time flies for you.


Poor Gertie! How awful. Your story really surprises me. It never occurred to me that vets don't get bit all the time. I guess it's because we don't have rabies here. Take care Gertie, I hope you come home soon!


Poor little Gertie. How stressful for you all. Once she gets over being pissed with you for a couple of days after she gets home, it'll all be back to normal. Promise.


I hope the 10 days fly by for you.


I would be a wreck if this happened to me.
I hope the 10 days go by fast for you and gertie. :)


Wow, what a trial for all involved. I worked in a vet hospital and yes we got bitten on occassion, but it wasn't anything we really worried about, but that was 20 years ago.


oh, dear...
we also have recently had a pet-separation trauma, and IT IS TOUGH!
I feel for you.

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