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Monday, 22 January 2007



doesn't her naighbor know that the best pictures are always taken outside and hats in the snow...what could be better?! great pic, awesome hats, checking out your store next!

Persephone Snyder

hehehe... Your story makes me laugh. I often wonder what my neighbors think as I pose my plushies in the front yard and then snap pictures... Oh well, everyone has the "weird neighbor" I guess I'm it.


Did you start laughing to yourself as you wondered what she thought of you? And then start laughing harder as you thought how your laughing must look on top of everything else? The hats look beautiful, it's still the only hat Burke will wear. (when I first saw the picture I thought they were little tanktops, yes, chilly!)


I get strange looks from the neighbors all the time too. Keep warm! Isn't the weather this year so bizarre?


Wow, you're having chilly winter!
Stay warm!!
I bet Max is having such a great time with the snow!

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