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Wednesday, 22 November 2006



cute pencil cases! love the surprise under mr snowman's hat! and i did notice you putting to use your free-motion quilting skills. happy thanksgiving to you and your family!


Those are beautiful!


Those are really lovely! Look at all the little details...the leaves on the back of the ladybug case, and of course the flower on the snowman's (snowwoman's?) head. I especially like seeing the closures, though--I've been wanting to make a pencil-holder for Camila, and couldn't figure out the best way to close it: she can't handle a ribbon tie yet, but a button loop might work! Thanks!


That is so cute! I actually chuckled a little bit when I saw the flower on the snowperson.

The vines and leaves are great, it really ties it all together.


I love these! look ike great teacher gifts for christmas this year!


These are super sweet Amanda! The closure on the snowman is brilliant, and did the thread for the felt snowflake on the front of the flap become that embroidered snowflake on the inside?


Hey! These are really cute. And the snowman tote is cool too (pun intended)!

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