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Tuesday, 21 November 2006



We love making these! So messy and fun (or messy = fun). Thanks for the reminder (and the hint about cornmeal; we've never tried that before). These make nice gifts for neighbors, too.

Pine cone crafts are everywhere these days--we'd better go collect a bag and get started!


that looks like fun to make and then watching the birds! i have some pinecones my husband collected on our last trip to utah, but he's so proud of them i think he'd die if i used them for crafts...give him time....we only have those itty bitty pine cones we find at kailua beach which annoy us as we walk barefoot....


Yah, more pine cone crafts! Thanks for the tip about pre-baking the cones to open/dry them up. Lucky birds!


mra-a-a-a-a-ow! This does look like fun. we have a good window for watching bird activity, I think we'll try. we'll have to watch out for the squirrels, racoons and cats...(I hope not a personal experience about the flames?)


what a fun idea for kiddos home on fall break!! thanks for the idea!


kitty-tv. I love it. we are having a snow day and as luck would have it, I have all the ingrediants on hand for pinecone feeders. Thanks!


I read on Martha that you can do the cake-style ones by putting them in that plastic-y mesh stuff that onions come packaged in. I figure any kind of mesh would do though.

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