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Monday, 13 November 2006



I think Max will love this! Elliot has been after me to make him a necklace or bracelet, too; I've never made any "jewelry" before, though, and it's a little intimidating. Thanks for the inspiration!

We try to avoid gender stereotyping, too. We get lots of opportunitities to avoid it now that Elliot has a little sister who gets things like lipstick (!) in party favor bags.


my son loves bracelets and necklaces and all that jazz. luckily, a few of my daughters 10 year old fella friends wear ones that are similar to what you made. pretty cool in their circles actually. at 4 though, i think my little guy just wants the same things as his big sisters!!!


Very cool bracelet. I was concerned about gender stereotyping too when I put together the croc charms for Buddy's birthday. I tried to steer him to a couple of other buttons but he insisted that we had to get the sparkly ones for the girls.


Glad to hear Max is enjoying some jewellery love. My 2 year old is deeply wedded to his string of (fake!) pearls.


Great job looks plenty boyish to me.Mmy nephews love necklaces and bracelets & the macrame is very popular right now too!


Thats a really cool bracelet, my son likes to try on my jewelry and shoes. Sometimes it bothers my husband but for goodness sake he's 3 years old and LOVES trucks and Superman, it doesn't worry me. I even let him join in on the Barbie fun when my daughter and I play- he usually picks the dog or the Ken to be anyway!


love max's choice of beads and your bracelet creation! my son was in high school and still asking for macrame & bead bracelets to wear - i don't know, do guys call them wristbands? anyway, i think he still might be sporting one....



Nice bracelet, I've learned to do that macrame in were asking if I have a blog, of course I do, but unfortunately its in Portuguese, but you are always invited to come and check....




I am sure my macho wrestling loving boys would adore this too. AND they are rather partial to some embroidery!


Love that! :)

Grandma Judy

Bracelets are for boys and men too. No gender stereotyping here. Have you noted all the rock musicians, movie stars etc with bracelets? I think it's great and you made Max a really good looking bracelet. Hope he likes it as much as everybody else writing comments. Love and kisses to him from us.

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