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Monday, 28 August 2006



Would you believe I did not know that? Next time I'm out on a hike I'll have to try it.


I have encountered these trees in the Lytton side of the Stein valley Nlaka'Pamux park. I was never sure if these were ponderosa but called them that because the name matched the bark and I thought that that must be it. I'm glad to know for sure now. My sister was just there a few weeks ago, I'll ask if she noticed the smell. As for me, it's been more than five years since my last visit and I can't remember. I just remember being fascinated by the bark and that it was hot and dry every time I was there. We don't have them here in the rainforest, so I can't go out and stick my nose on one. Now I'm really curious!


I've never heard this! I have a Ponderosa in my front yard and will be sniffing it on my way to work in the morning :D


They smell like that in Colorado, but they only grow on the dry eastern side of the mountains. That scent is one of my faves. I live in Illinois and our pine trees smell... well... piney.

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