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Tuesday, 29 August 2006



very cute fruity tote! i also got some ms tea towels and made my knitsockkitswap sock bag from one of them. when my daughter was home we went shopping at kmart and she bought a set to actually use in her kitchen!


LOVE IT!!! Nice and cheery!!!


They are so cute, I love the happy colors!


I love these! I especially like the apples. Those towels are the best and it was really creative to make them into patchwork.


So summery and fresh looking - very cute.


it's so cute i think it's very TUTTI FUITTI!!!


Like everyone else I love it! So incredibly fresh that I feel like I can smell the oranges.


that is so cute! pure love.


Wow, I love those fabrics. Good choice of colors, very summery.I love how retro it looks and the way you sewed the bag together is really unique. Normally I would just make a tote the old boring way by just using solid pieces of fabric. I like how you pieced multiple pieces together. It almost has a "woven" look.


Thanks so much! I admired thesde the other day, and then the girls just got theirs in the mail! Your sewing is so great! And the packages are just so much amazing fun stuff! We can't wait to enjoy all of the fun reading, coloring books, and the wee bean people were a big hit!


oh now those are too faboo!!! fruitilicious!

Account Deleted

Those are simply perfect. Love the colors, the basic details, and how you've combined everything. What a great bag.


tooo cute!

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