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Thursday, 02 February 2006



Very cute! Also one of the (many) reasons I wish I could knit. I'll have to content myself with cheering you on!


I love that sweater!! I'm not anywhere near talented enough with knitting to accomplish something like that. I still curse at a plain scarf! hahaha


I love this idea! If only I knew how to knit. What a gorgeous cardigan you chose. You'll definately get a gold medal for that!

Amanda Woodward

such a cute sweater!!! It's a great pattern, what yarn are you using!? thanks so much for stopping by my blog :D


What a pretty pattern! What yarn in what color are you going to use?


Just wanted to let you know that I've also signed up for the knitting olympics and will be making the Sweet Mary Jane Cardigan as well. I'm using Grape Jelly. This will also be my first adult sweater and I'm very nervous about making it for myself. Doubt I'll finish it in 16 days, but will at least give me a nice boost on the project, right? Good luck!

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