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Saturday, 24 December 2005



Oh, the penguin is just too cute!!
* Merry Christmas *


Merry Christmas!! What a sweet little fellow. And for the record, I take advantage of the full 12 days of Christmas-the 12th is on Jan.6, which is when, by tradition, the wise men came with gifts. So in a way, the first gifts were given 12 days after the birth. I'm not very religious, but I like the way it spreads out the season (and allows me not to rush too much before Dec.25!) I hope your lingering cold has gone and that you are having a good Christmas.


He is so cute! He really came out well.


Hi, Amanda.
Glad to hear that you had a great Christmas.
It's so funny that you collect Japanese handmade books which I've never heard of even though I live in JAPAN!!


So adorable!


This is adorable.
It's cold here today, in the U.K, so I can identify with this little sweetie. : )

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