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Friday, 29 July 2005



AAAAhahahahahah! That last picture had me laughing out loud. Very funny! I like birdie-monkey, he's got a look about him like he's resigned to his lot in life. hehe


I love the sock you used! Great colors together. And Birdie-Monkey has lots of room in his head for a nice big brain! I think it's awesome that you helped Max get involved in the construction of this one. I can't wait until Roxy can do crafty things with me!


Way to go Max! Your sock birdie-monkey rocks! He is the cutest birdie-monkey I've ever seen and those lips are hilarious! I don't blame Max for never wanting him out of his sight, he is just so darn cute! Can't wait to see the Heffalump made by the Super Mommy-Max crafty duo!


Great sock monkey!! Nice to see something a bit different with them!


Oh what fun!

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