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Thursday, 21 April 2005



Silly Dad!!What a fun piece! and easy to roll up and bring places?


Wonderful!!!! That is such a great idea and your nekobus came out so cute! Did you use velcro on the backs of the pieces so you can hang it too?


I love it! Great job on the whole deal--cat bus cracks me up :) That Max is pretty wily.


In Steve's defense, I have to say that it was at my urging that he put a piece in Max's row. I wanted to see what would happen! As for velcro: no, I didn't. The set in the book used velcro, but I thought that felt was naturally sticky enough that it didn't need it just for a tic-tac-toe game. But I hadn't thought about using it for a wall-hanging, that's a good idea...

Here's a great link I got from Hanna: a real cat bus! That would be something that would either scare Max or we wouldn't be able to get him off it.


OMG this is SO cute! I absolutely love this.

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