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Sunday, 24 April 2005



Love the felty goodness and yummy colors! My guy would love me to make a needle case...he's always stepping on the ones I drop on the floor and forget to pick up :O

Your sewing machine intrigues me, that yellow front panel looks really cute.


Thanks! My machine is a Husqvarna Lena, I just got it last year for Christmas, but it appears to not be sold anymore. It is a cute machine! Here's a link to a full picture of it. I couldn't find a picture on any English sites, so this one is in Russian. And if I took a full picture of mine, then you'd see the disaster that is my sewing table, so I couldn't do that!


I was going to say the same thing about your sewing machine. The flowers remind me of the flowers on the unazukin's I so desperately want.

Your needle cases look wonderful, the colors really are yummy! It really is so much nicer keeping them this way then in my tomato or the original little plastic/cardboard thing they come in.


Forgot to add, sorry you weren't feeling well, good to hear that you are better!


Hi I love your blog. cute kids and great craft projects. I especially love these needle cases, I always have the same problem.


Amanda, the needle cases are darling! Great colors and images. Needle cases are fun to make-like pincushions!

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