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Wednesday, 09 March 2005



Amanda, your mochi looks delicious! I love an, koshi or tsubushi. My husband thinks its gross that I love it so much I can eat it straight from the can. What recipie did you use?


Thanks! I used a recipe from my really old "Japanese Cooking" book by Susan Fuller Slack. Synopsis: soak, (boil/drain) twice, boil for 3 hours, mash, strain out skins, mix in sugar, more sugar, mirin, corn syrup. It came out a little loose, so it doesn't really roll into a ball, but it's still good! The recipe made quite a bit so I have some in the freezer now. I think that next time I'll have to try tsubushi an. The directions sound a bit simpler, the hardest part was the straining and I wouldn't need to do that. Happy an-eating!


I am still so impressed that you made your own an. That sounds like so much work! It must have made your mochi a thousand times more delicious.

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