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Wednesday, 09 March 2005



That is the sweetest doggie! I especially love the fabric. I'm not surprised that Max claimed it as his own. Would you mind sharing the ISBN for the book with the chihuahua and kitty dolls? I'd love to make a kitty doll for my son.


Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog the other day.
A friend of mine just lent me this book: Omyage. I've only made one small bag so far. i need to source that nice fabric, i've just been using quilting fabric. Like Myra, I'd like to see the book you're using too!


Here's the ISBN: 4-8347-2244-9. I have that Omiyage book too, Carabeth! It has some great things, and I have made one of their bags.


Sorry for the quickie reply yesterday, I had to race out. Here's more information: I got it from ebay, voice_of_angel's store. Here's a link to her current auction for this book. She seems to have a bunch of these, so if this one is gone just wait a day or two and she'll probably put up a new one. I can vouch for excellent service from her. I've seen this book in other ebay sellers' stores, too.

The book says "palm-size stuffies" above the title in Japanese. All instructions are in Japanese, but there are lots of pictures, so if you basically know how to sew then it's easy enough to follow.

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